Device Modeling andĀ Emerging Technology

Matematical models are developed to take into account the physical proprieties of organic transistors (OTFTs) and diodes (OLEDS). Innovative silicon memories (OTP, FTP) are also studied and their physical behaviour defined by mathematical models.


Integrated Circuit Design and Testing

Integrated circuits are designed both in standard technologies (CMOS or BiCMOS) and SOI, or using special devices as, for instance, non volatile memories or organic transistors. Many integrated circuits were designed and fabricated during the last decade:

  • radio frequency circuits, as ultra wide band (UWB) radars in the range of 6GHz-8GHz
  • circuits compatible with very low voltage supply (below 200mV), suitable for energy harvesting applications
  • circuits with low susceptibility to electromagnetic interferences, arising, for example, from cellular phones and wireless networks